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In a ever-changing and complex world, security concern are paramount. Enhanced security requires education, training and specialized skills. Helldiver International provides end-to-end risk management and comprehensive security solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure golobally. Furthermore, we offer military support in crisis regions.

Our team of strategic problem solvers have a steadfast moral compass and unwavering dedication to create a world of peace. Helldiver international is committed to the succsess of our customers and partners.





Securing your success

In order to secure your sucess in a dynamic and high threat environment, we rely heavily on training and pracitcing together. With our experience spanning a broad range of security and risk management services in Syria, the persian Gulf, Caucasus and the Sinai peninsular, we integrate a high level of teamwork between the three different platoons. 



Flight training is a integral part of being a member of one of the Helldiver platoons. We offer a streamlined onboarding process beginning with a familiarization flight and slowly introducing you to our SOP.


After the first contact and getting to know us, you beginn to go through a well thought out training pipleline including fundamentals of flight, basic combat movement and engagement drills. While you are going though the training pipeline, we will fly with you on different pvp servers. 

Apart from that, we expect you to practice flying on the side as well, to improve and put into practice what you have learned.


(*More info on the Helldiver brochure and on the Discord.)   

"Helldiver is about team-building and the
willingness to improve. "


As a small international team striving for professionalism and effectivity, we are looking for dedicated people who want to support the group and be part of the team. With limited slots on the platoons avaliable, we are very selective with new team-members. Tightening our selection process results in a better quality and more team oriented individuals - in the end it benifits everyone.

Inside one of the Helldiver platoons, we have multiple positions open for Wingmen, Lead, Ground Combat Intercept or even temporary commanding positions.

If you want to know more, write us a message to introduce yourself and request the "Helldiver Brochure". 

We are looking forward to fly with you.


Platoon "Heresy"


Platoon "Violence"


Platoon "Limbo"


First Contact

Helldiver (S3)

Operations & Training

Join the Team

We are glad you found interested in Helldiver International. This is the first step in getting in touch with us directly. Please take your time and fill out the questions below. We will make sure to reply as soon as possible but this may take a few days.

Keep in mind, we are a small team and like you, we are looking for like-minded, dedicated and cool people to spend our time with when flying in our free time. 

Note: The information is only for internal use. Your Email adress will be the our contact point until you are member of the Helldiver Discord. You will need your email adress as well in the future to gain access to a members area on this website.

What helos do you own?
What Maps do you own?

Thanks for submitting!

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